Why use promotional calendars?

Promotional advertising  throught business calendars is the most efficient and effective medium for that job. Everyone needs a calendar. Recent studies show that 98% of all homes and almost 100% of all businesses use at least one calendar. Studies also show that the majority of people who don’t receive a complimentary calendar would like one. So it stands to reason that the company who distribute calendars to its customers or prospects is meeting a need and will be appreciated for this gesture.

Advantages of promotional calendars

  • Constant Exposure
    People use their calendar every day, and each time they do, they see your Company’s message.
  • Personal
    It’s like buying space on the recipient’s wall or desk.
  • Economical
    There’s no wasted coverage as you control the distribution, only giving to who you want.

A Calendar places your sales message in the best of all advertising locations; a place on the wall or desk where the message will be prominent and for 365 days a year-No other form of advertising media can claim this kind of cost effective exposure: A calendar stands alone it doesn’t have to compete with other adverts in magazines or directories.

Does calendar advertising work?

Of course, over 80% of business and home recipients report purchasing the goods or services from the advertiser who gave them a calendar.


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