How can a 2009 Calendar help your business?


How can a 2009 Calendar help your business

Many businesses utilise calendar advertising to help promote their business. If you think about it, everyone uses calendars. At home we use them but more importantly businesses use them. They rely on calendars and look at them every day. Just imagine the exposure your business will get if your company logo and information were on that calendar! Imagine if you sent your calendar to all of your clients! That’s a lot of exposure for 365 days of the year.So what 2009 calendar theme would be suitable? We  produce a huge variety of calendars ranging from Art to Transportation. To give you some suggestions of possible themes we have listed some industries and then a suggested theme.

Scenic Calendar 2009 – Perfect for professional firms, agricultural related businesses, the travel industry, commercial offices and retail premises.

Transport Calendar 2009 – Perfect for garages, vehicle centred industries, car sales businesses, retail sales, manufacturing industries.

Art Calendar 2009 – Perfect for retail premises, commercial offices, property agents, environmentally focussed businesses.

These are only a few suggestions for your promotional calendars but please view our entire 2009 calendar range to see other themes to suit your business.


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